Chroma Audio Lag Issues

Hi there!
I just received my Chroma and 120" ALR Screen two days ago and got it set up yesterday.
I added the apps and was having issues with pretty bad audio lag on Disney +.
Tonight I was watching a Blu-ray disc and it started out fine, but as the movie progressed, it slowly started to go out of sync. Not nearly as badly as the Disney * problem, but enough to notice.
I was running the disc off a SONY 4K unit and with both cases of audio lag I was using the onboard Harmon Kardon speakers.
Am I missing a setting or something? Is this happening to anyone else?

Hi, @javasmark Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into this. To further assist you may we know where you purchased the Chroma? Was it directly from our website or from IndieGoGo?

Would you be so kind to try the following steps?

  1. Can you try to do a power cycle in the unit? Unplug the unit from a power outlet for about 5 mins, then re-plug and test it.
  2. Try different HDMI cables
  3. Factory reset 3x
  4. Check what is the firmware version installed

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for the speedy response!
The projector and screen are FANTASTIC! If I can just get this audio issue under control, it will be downright PERFECT!
I will try these methods and get back to the topic with the outcome(s).
Please hold…may be a couple of days, as I have a 4 year-old! LOL!

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Hi @javasmark, We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your precious time. Have a good one and enjoy.


First, I purchased the Chroma last week through the VAVA website along with the 120" ALR Screen Pro.

Second, my machine currently stands as follows:
Machine Name: VA_SP003
Serial Number: 47300521C060719
Software Version: LV068_V1.6.1_20220324.113244

Now to my issues -

  1. My audio lag continues. I’ve done as suggested - factory reset 3 times; power cycled the unit; ordered and have attached an HDMI 2.0 cable from my SONY 4K Blu-Ray player to the Chroma. The lag is minimal, but visible. It also seems like an intermittent problem, because I start the movie (in this case Ghostbusters 4K) and it’s OUT OF sync. I can hit the “Home” button on the Chroma remote and then click back over to the movie and it IS in sync. I shouldn’t have to do this.

  2. I use an Amazon Fire Stick now because of the extreme audio lag on the Disney+ app through the Chroma. I realize that the clipping and lag on the app are most likely due to my slow internet. However, with the Fire Stick the picture quality can be very muddy/blurry when there is an exceptionally action-packed and/or dusty/foggy scene.

When the projector does it’s job (i.e. no audio sync issues/visual blurring), it’s incredible. But these are hard things to overlook.

Are these problems that a lot of people have reported? If so, are fixes being worked on? Maybe through firmware updates? And if there aren’t a lot of reports like mine and it is simply that I got a bad unit, can it be swapped out for one that works properly?

I’ve been looking into a UST since December and finally made the choice to put my trust in you guys. Please help with this, as I’m now pretty frustrated with the whole situation.


Hi @javasmark, Thank you for providing us with feedback. Could you also try restarting the 3rd party device that’s connected to the Chroma? Also, if there’s an option to match content in your Amazon fire stick please do try it.

Ok…I got a 4K Roku player. It solved my Disney+ audio lag and visual clipping problems.

My new issue is with the Bluetooth functionality. I have a pair of SONY Bluetooth earbuds connected and it won’t let me move the volume. When push the + or -, it won’t increase or decrease. It only gives me an box in the top right hand corner with a bunch of characters… I’ve attached a picture of this.

Hi @javasmark, Thank you for the feedback. Honestly, this is a new issue we received. We will raise these concerns to our Engineering team so they can take a look into this. Most likely this will be resolved for the next firmware update.

We appreciate your time this will help us improve more in the future enhancement. We will keep you posted as soon as we received updates from our Engineering team.


Well, with the weird no volume control thing, I’ve found a workaround. I can have the headphones hooked up via Bluetooth and make sure the Output Device is set on Built-in Speaker and it will let me move the volume up and down. Not sure why I have to do that, but it works.

Another issue is with audio lag with the Bluetooth connectivity. It may even start out ok…but as whatever I’m watching progresses, the audio gets more and more out of sync from the video. If I’m watching through the built-in speaker or the speakers that I have the unit attached to through a receiver, everything is in sync. The audio lag issues that I had before are all solved. Now it’s just the Bluetooth.

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Hi @javasmark, We appreciate the updates. We are still enhancing the VAVA Chroma. For now, most of the customers suggested using wired for better audio quality since it’s for home theater set-up.