VAVA Chroma hdmi ports not usable

I finally received my VAVA Chroma after a long wait since it had been stuck in Fedex shipping for 2 weeks. Overall, it’s a powerful projector.

However, there are a number of basic things not functioning correctly. I was able to find ways to get around issues like software problem with Netflix. But for all three of my hdmi ports not functioning, I am rather unsatisfied.

All three of the ports are not recognizing any devices (laptop, ps4 with several good hdmi cables I have). A closer inspection of the ports suggests to me the ports are not aligned close enough to the case (see pic) so the cable cannot be fully plugged in. I truly do not understand how this product can ever pass QC assuming there is a QC process. It would be an easy fix for me to open the case and realign the ports. But given so many issues already surfaced with the projector, I’d rather not want to blow my warranty. Can VAVA do something to fix the problem?

No, Vava don’t make anything, I have the same issue from May, I received only appologies.


  1. I confirmed my diagnosis that the HDMI ports is too far away from the case. The depth of the middle island of a typical HDMI port is 3.4 mm to the case. In the Chroma I got, it’s 6.5 mm. It’s clearly an assembly issue.

  2. I called customer support today stating the issue. She makes me go through the routine of plug-unplug the power cord, reset factory setting 3 times. She even suggested me to pull the ports with a tweezer, which I rejected worrying it could blow my warranty (otherwise I would just open the box and realign the ports myself). After an hour, she finally agreed to offer a replacement… However, VAVA clearly don’t have anything in stock now and the next production is in March (which the support team cannot promise on the availability).

  3. Per abhinavsrii’s suggestion for a solution without opening the box, I also cut the plastic on one of my own hdmi cord to expose a longer neck into the case. I was able to get one of the three ports to work though connection is somewhat unstable.

Currently I am still waiting on the news from warranty department for replacing/returning (surprisingly no confirmation email after filling out the forms).