Fading/blurring sound

My setup is
Amazon Fire 4K stick connected to Vava 4K projector HDMI 1 slot.
Vava 4K Projector connected to JBL Bar 9.1 sound system ((the new one supporting Dolby Atmos) via HDMI ARC.
In the VAVA sound settings, selected HDMI out and RAW.

Facing an issue with this setup.

While streaming contents from say, Prime Videos ( was watching Grand Tour), the sound from the JBL fades…then it becomes blur…then it stops completely. To recover from this, I have to remove the HDMI cable from JBL and connect again. The problem repeats again say after 1 hour.
I tried content from Netflix and a few other sources too, all giving this issue.

I have tried 2 different HDMI cables ( both are supporting 4K streaming as per the spec) and both giving the issue.

Anyone facing this issue? Known problem, any solution?

Have you solved the issue? I just bought my vava projector and looking to purchase JBL 9.1 sound bar. How’s your experience so far? I appreciate your input and any tips you can provide.

Well, there seems to be an issue with the HDMI port 3 of the projector I had. Vava support got in touch with me and they offered to replace the projector with a new one. However, since I am in Canada, they will not pay for the shipping charges, so I didn’t go ahead with it. I had purchased the projector from Amazon.com by paying the import and customs duties, so not sure why Vava cannot take care of the shipping!

Regarding the problem, I solved it in a different way by setting up the connection as below.
Nvidia Shield Pro or Amazon Fire Stick —> JBL Bar’s HDMI input.
JBL Bar’s HDMI output —> Vava HDMI port 1.

This setup has no issues (since I am using HDMI port 1 of Vava). More than that, this is the setup you need if you want to get Atmos content from Netflix/Prime Videos.

Why NVidia Shield Pro? 'coz, Netflix app from Firestick cannot play Atmos, it is always in 5.1. And Netflix has more Atmos content than Prime videos. Netflix app from shield supports playing Atmos contents.

And to make it worse, Prime video app from Shield cannot play Atmos. And for the last 3 months, Shield’s prime video app stopped playing 4K contents too.

So at this time, if I am watching Netflix, I connect Shield as streaming input. If prime, use Firestick.

Hope this will help you!

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Thank you. This is helpful.

Hi rmohan

I’m confused. How would this work ? Can you please clarify.

Shouldn’t Fire stick go into one of the HDMI ports of Vava ?

Nvidia Shield/Fire Stick --> Vava HDMI 1
JBL --> Vava HDMI ARC or HDMI 2

Can we use Nvidia Shield TV or should it be Pro?

Really appreciate if you can upload some pictures of your setup.


When I got the JBL soundbar the setup I used was

Fire Stick --> Vava HDMI 1

I faced 2 issues with this setup

  1. The problem I had with the Arc slot of Vava (my starting post of this thread)
  2. I was not getting Atmos contents from Netflix or Prime using fire stick

Then I did some research and came across this article

And based on the above article, I bought an Nvidia Shield Pro and used the same setup as above, (Shield to Vava, JBL to Vava’s ARC). It didn’t work.

I posted my issue within Nvidia’s community forum, https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/shield-tv/9/386538/shield-tv-pro-not-playing-atmos/
and then someone suggested the setup below.

Nvidia Shield Pro —> JBL Bar’s HDMI input.
JBL Bar’s HDMI output —> Vava HDMI port 1.

This solved both my issues.

—>Can we use Nvidia Shield TV or should it be Pro?
My understanding is Pro gives a lot of flexibility in terms of configuration than TV and also, somewhere in the article above, it was given that Shield TV’s Netflix app plays only 5.1, not Atmos.

Pics of my setup below. I am sorry they are not that clear, but as you can make out Vava has only 2 wires; its power cable and the input from JBL to its HDMI 1.

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Really appreciate it rmohan.
Very helpful.
I’m going to try this out.

After I get a Dolby Atmos sound bar, I should be able to do this right…since my HDMI ARC port works fine…
NS Pro–>Vava HDMI 1
I’ll give it a shot…if it doesn’t work will try your setup.

I finally have Dolby Atmos setup.

Nvidia Shield Pro
Yamaha RX-V6A
Klipsch Reference Premium - 5.1.2 channels

NS Pro > AV Receiver (ARC) > VAVA (ARC)

I get Dolby Atmos from netflix, prime, hbo max and disney+.

Prime does not indicate movies with dolby atmos. Only way you can tell is by looking at your AV receiver display. Jack Ryan season 2 has atmos output not season 1.