Cannot connect to sound bar through hdmi/arc

I,ve been trying to get the hdmi arc workinf for the sound bar… i can get it work with the opt cable but not the hdmi arc… does anyone have the same issue… i am using nakamichi 7.1.4

resolved the issue, the projector has issues with the HDMI slots

I can get the sound out through HDMI ARC to my sound system (JBL Bar 9.1 system), but it fades, blur and then stops completely. Workaround I found is to remove the HDMI cable and connect again. Very inconvenient though…(I actually posted a new thread on this issue).

How did you resolve the issue and what was the problem with HDMI slots?

Yup, looks like we both have the same issue. when we turn on the projector the sound bar is connected to arc but after 5 secs it goes back to hdmi 2… so to get that working i go back to vava home from the cube home… then it works… i need to do it once evreytime i turn it on.

Yes, we have the same issue. Going back to Vava home and then selecting the source again (in my case Slot 1) works.

I am facing another issue too. I cannot get the Dolby Atmos output from Vava to my soundbar.
I was testing Jack Ryan season 1 from Prime videos, under audio I can see and select Dolby Atmos as the format. But no sound is played then. I need to select the Dolby Digital as the format to get the sound.

Are you able to get Dolby Atmos from Vava through HDMI ARC?

Its works for mine… i’ve the dolby atmos option in the sound bar… i use that.

That is good to know, it confirms Vava is doing pass through.
I am not sure what is preventing mine from playing Atmos!
Not sure replacing Fire TV stick with a Nvidia Shield will help…

It seems this is a known issue with Fire TV 4K stick/JBL sound bar combination.

I got a Nvidia Shield and changed the setup as
Nvidia Shield to JBL sound bar HDMI-in, and sound bar HDMI- out to Vava HDMI slot 1.
So Vava’s HDMI ARC slot is not used in this setup, and hence, in my little testing, I didn’t see the sound fading issue. Will test more and confirm.

In this setup, I am also getting Atmos content from Netflix, but Amazon prime is still an issue.

ok good to hear, i wonder if there is any 3rd party device that can split the hdmi audio and video into two output slots like a audio and video spiltter, that would be easier for us, directly connecting vava and sound bar to the streaming device.

I have seen someone in another forum talking about this option of using a HDMI splitter, don’t remember where it is (I think avsforum) but someone said it will not work, sorry, don’t remember the exact reason.

Hello Dear VAVA Supporter.

Can you please reach out to us at so we can look into this issue that you both seem to be having. It is possible that the HDMI ARC support port is not working properly on your unit. Please come in contact with us so we can trouble-shoot and find a solution.

Best regards,

I can confirm I got my Sonos Arc soundbar to work with the arc HDMI on my VAVA 4k. I use a switch to add video input devices to the other HDMI inputs so the HDMI Arc put is only really used for sound.

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@nc1983 Does the arc get dolby Atmos from the vava.? I’m have a Sonos beam and want to upgrade to the Arc but it looks like the Vava only has an arc port not earc. I know you can still get Atmos through Dolby digital on arc ports but I’m not sure is the vava passes on the atmos metadata and can’t find that info anywhere

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The Dolby atmos works with the arc, you should not have any proble, with that.

I cannot specifically confirm this as I don’t know if I have any Atmos sources currently. Waiting for the new AppleTV to come out so all my streaming devices are generations old. Also not sure how to confirm even if I had those devices if it’s truly outputting Atmos, but as tharun says, the Arc is Atmos capable. This review says the VAVA is not Atmos capable so I don’t know… I would bypass the audio using a splitter to get Atmos maybe: