VAVA + Apple TV = great combo

Got mine last week and I’m a happy camper here even with all the issues because of the 4K quality, sharpness, and brightness of the picture—definitely an upgrade from my1080p Sharp XV-Z30000. Here’s my list of testing and setup:
—works well with only Apple TV but there’s a glitch in the sound when I play DTS HD, the sound cuts off and on when the scene has too much action and bass going on. This is also happening when I connect my PlayStation 4 and can be replicated when I watch 3D movies. My external speaker is the Bose lifestyle 135 series II. I have three of these 135 and they have the same sound issue. All my TVs ( I have Samsung and LG) and Sharp projector using Apple TV and Amazon cube don’t have any sound issue with Bose LS 135. Vava is set to raw and it’s connected via optical while Bose is set to almost automatic.

—it doesn’t work with Amazon Cube TV — glitch in sound using HDMI arc. I tried the 2 other ports and it can only support 1080p.
—Sony Blu-ray player (bdp-s6500) -glitch in sound and it’s OK using the in built apps such as Netflix and Prime.

When it comes to the sound issue, I tried all the different settings and combos of raw and PCM /DTS/ on VAVA and external players.

3D not ready for prime time

Watching 3D is not ok. The mattes above and below when it’s a widescreen are very noticeable and bright —it should be dark. While watching, the 3D becomes ghosted , mixed up images on top of another and I have to press the button of my 3D glasses to select the best of the two ( right or left eye). It’s ok if one setting is the right one for the entire movie but I have to click every now and then while watching a movie. Again, pressing the button when the image is messed up while watching a movie is not a good experience. I bought two Bloblov 3D DLP active shutter in Amazon and I have the same experience in both of them.

I am using PS4 because the Sony bluplayer (bdp-s6500) has no sound coming out. It is night and day when I compare the 3D experience with Sharp XV-Z30000 —this is where this projector shines! For now, I will not use VAVA for 3D viewing, will revisit it for the next firmware release.

Another frustration - turning it on with big, stretched picture

Sometimes when I turn it on, the app such as my ATT TV comes out zoomed images like I don’t see the whole frame but a close up images. I have to close and restart the app on my Apple TV to see the correct image.

I am using 135 inch elite screen. It works out great with VAVA, I can watch movies daytime with all my windows open!

Wish Feature

Where’s the counter for the life of the laser? I know it is rated for 50k hours. It it would be nice to see the counter.


Default speaker — not enough power for me and there’s no comparison on the “theater like” experience when you use a good 5.1 surround system.

Using the built in apps—I’ll save you some time to just connect Apple TV and be done with it . Revisit it when the new software /firmware releases.

My experience from my previous life of being an IT support and QA for hardware and software helps in testing this unit…

I really want to make this work and I don’t want to return it cause it’s really an upgrade for me picture wise and if the sound glitch is resolve then this is definitely a keeper.

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Hi @Lmagy2k This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. This will help lots of VAVA 4k Projector users with Apply TV or looking for an input device.

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For sure, and hopefully helps the VAVA developers to keep on working to bring out the best of the hardware with its updated software!

Update 8/10/2021:
Bought the latest Apple TV (HDR) and Rocketfish HDR HDMI cable and I don’t have any sound issue with VAVA and Apple TV combo.

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Update 8/26/2021
I have no issue with Amazon Cube TV anymore. All I have to do is to make sure that audio setting on Fire TV (Audio/Surround Sound) is set to PCM or Digital Plus. I have the sound issue when I set it to “Best Available”.

I have Bose Lifestyle 135 connected via optical.

Loving VAVA!!!


Hi @Lmagy2k Wow! Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. This will help lots of VAVA 4K users with Amazon Cube TV that is looking for the right audio settings. Thank you!

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