VAVA sounds stops randomly/doesn't work

When watching a movie with my son, the sound quit working. After restarting the apple tv4k nothing changed, and after restarting the projector the sound only worked for 5-10 seconds. It not doesn’t work.

Would love some help for a work around

Same issue. Watching HP with my son from Netflix, from Apple TV (2º Generation) the sound stopped 3 times.
OS Version 1.91

The sound randomly stops working and requires power off/on to get it working. Anyone having this issue?

Is there a setting or workaround anyone can suggest?

My setup is a fire cube tv connected to hdmi1 playing through projector and projector speaker.

HI @howiemowie. We regret to hear that you are having this issue. Let us help you. Could you tell us the sound mode you have set with the Fire Cube TV?

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Was this ever resolved? Having the same issue. I’m getting close to returning it and buying a Sony

Hi @Remoes our apologies for the trouble this issue has caused. Does the sound go out still even without using an input device and sound goes through the projector?

You may also contact us through Thank you.

Are you asking about setting on fire cube tv or vava?

I think we are using Dolby.

Hi @howiemowie. Yes, that is right on your Fire Cube TV, can you set the sound mode to stereo?

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