Charging issue- Vava Home Cam

My Vava outdoor home cam shows power sign on the battery status in the app which according to me is an indication of charging issue. When I plug it in the red LED illuminates and stay solid. I can access camera feed only when it is plugged in and without I can’t reach it and it doesn’t monitor either. I have pressed reset button, power button 10 seconds but nothing is helping. Could you please help?

Update: Now I see that the red LED isn’t illuminated and seems the camera isn’t charging and battery is down. Not sure, how do I make it to accept charging.
I left it with power plugged in and after 2 hours it is warm but not charged.

Hi, @rohitbaliyan We appreciate your feedback. We will check this for you. Hope this helps. For the LED indicator if the camera is fully charged the light indicator should be SOLID RED, if it’s charging it should be Flashing Red slowly. How about if you try to unplug the power cable first and let it drain out and charged it back in.

@TeamVAVA the light indicator is not blinking and it is not solid either. It does not flash red or any other color when the cable is plugged in. Connected the cable shows the RED light indicator for a some seconds but then it stops and does not do anything. Seems the current is reaching in but further charging is not happening. I tried different cables and the adapters and electrical outlets but the result is same. Moreover the camera was connected to power through Vava solar panels provided with the camera and it seems it stopped accepting charge some time ago as it appears that the battery is totally drained out as it can not be reached.

Hi, @rohitbaliyan thank you for executing all the necessary T.S to try and fix the issue. We suggest you contact us at 888-456-8468 or email us at to further assist you with the warranty claims. For email kindly send a short video of the issue and a copy of your invoice. We appreciate your time on this matter.