Ceiling mount projector and screen to use

I will ceiling mount my UST projector and have not determined the best screen. I currently have a white vu-tech screen, should I change to an ALR screen and if so which brand and should it be installed upside down? CLR screen? Recommendations would be appreciated.

ALR screens are directional. So my alr screen has an UP for the projector shooting up. Also even though it is a bit more, 649 but not 4 grand, using the screen that goes with the projector is recommended. I like the VAVA screen. It has quality hardware and framing. It takes a while to put together for someone that is mechanically/tech inclined. I would get the mounting hardware lined up before putting the screen on the frame! It will be so much easier in case of a miscalculation. So put the screen on the frame after you have tried putting it on the wall for easier adjustments. Otherwise get the store you buy it from to do it and yes, alr will need to be in the direction you want it to point. So Up will be down. I see one problem and that is getting the distance correct mounted on the ceiling very easily accomplished. It took a week for me to get mine sitting a foot from the wall on a table/entertainment center correct but I love it. now! You don’t have to use an alr screen because there is no glare with a screen. And if you don’t have big windows or a lot of ambient light you don’t need an alr screen.