Best suited wall paint

Guys, i am planning to project this on a wall. Any suggestions for best 4k paint suited for thsi ultra short throw?

I can also spray paint if its kore uniform compared to roller.

Please advise,

Hi @snuku we do not have any recommendation for wall paints as it is usually the cause for image distortion. Though it is not a must, you can just project on a wall, but with an ALR screen, you can get better image quality in an environment with light. Aside from the VAVA community, you can also check out VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official to see what worked for other customers.

Hi. first, check if you have any distortion on a wall. I thought mine is perfect but it was not. Check this out:

I then tried the ALR screen as suggested above and it was a nightmare. Consider that only if you watch it in daylight most of the time. For me, a white screen works the best, but I am using it only when there is no or little ambient light.

Good call out on the Alr screen you can’t use an alr designed for normal projectors it must be one specific for ust projectors the technical term is lenticular screen. I’m using one and it is night and day difference from using a wall or even a plain white screen. You will notice the screen doing its thing even in completely dark rooms where it will retain the contrast in bright scenes where the white screen gets washed out from the projectors own brightness.

Yes the screen was 700 but worth it if you use the projector in a room with windows or lights.

@milan.ristic You are on point and thank you so much for sharing your experience with using a UST ALR screen for our VAVA 4k projector.

Thank you Milan. So does this has anything to do with Internet or 4k source. i am currently displaying on regular wall and noticed its good for Disney and Netflix compared to youtube.

@snuku Though our VAVA 4k projector has pixel shifting that makes 1080 resolution to 4k. You will still notice pixelation on some videos because of its sheer size. If anything the concern would be the INPUT, not the output where it’s simply low-quality content, to begin with, served over a compressed platform. This also depends on which CODEC used to upload the video.

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