UC018 USB-C Adaper can't display through HDMI @ win10

I just bought VAVA UC018 from Amazon,and i use it on my MBP 2017.
It works well at my MACOS, but sometime i have to use program at win10 to finish my job,
so i install win10 by bootcamp at MBP.
Then UC018 can’t display anything through HDMI1 or HDMI2 at win10…
On the amazon’s page,UC018 says support for win10…
So i want to know, is it need to install any driver or something,then i can use my UC018 on win10?

HI @seth. The hub should work with Windows 10. We will check with our Engineers if there are any issues with the Boot Camp set-up that you have.

You may also contact us through support@vava.com.

thanks for relply so fast~~
i will wait for the solution for your engineers
hope it will solove soon thanks~

hello everyone:
After several times of trying and debug,i finally find a way to solve this problem.

The solution is windows update…situation is like this.

I have 2 usb-c usb(one is UC018),i bought UC018 to replace old one.

I use this two usb-c usb doing AB test,then i found one thing interesting

That is my old usb-c hub,don’t need to do windows update after installing win10 by bootcamp on my macbook pro 2017,it will output signal to my LCD screen by HDMI.

But UC018 can’t~~

Although the win10 OS can get the LCD model at OS’s screen setting but UC018 still can’t work functional and display to my LCD even i update the video card diver…

Finally i almost give up,and i do the windows update at win10,then change back to UC018 by unintentionally.

Then the amazing things happened ,UC018 works functional~~~~although i can’t figure it out why the windows update can solve the problem…

Anyway this problem seems solve to me.~just want to share with everyone


Hello @seth We appreciate you sharing the fix for your unit. This will definitely benefit other users as it will also serve as a reference for other similar cases.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable feedback.

no problem^^~
hope my post can help other people who face this problem~

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