Info for 125 " screen

I’m waiting for my Vava 4K projector to arrive (tomorrow, hopefully) and have built a 125" screen with 1x4’s and some screen material from Carl’s Place. Trying to figure out if anyone has used that size with the projector. I just now downloaded the manual and realized I have a size that’s between their suggestions. Can anyone with a 125" screen tell me their screen height from the top of the table (H2, I believe) to the bottom of the screen? Gotta be between 13.9 and 16.5 inches, obviously, but don’t want to mount the screen without knowing. I can always wait for the projector to arrive and do it that way, but wanted to be ready!

Wait for the projector, it doesn’t have any real adjustments just back two leveling feet which are mostly useless and minor changes make huge difference in projected image so always mount screen after setting up the projector

Got it - I already set it up, since I didn’t get a reply prior to receiving the projector. I’ve got it pretty well setup and you’re absolutely right on the legs. Not much can be done other than micro adjustments. Thanks for the reply…


I have 130" screen and for some basic #'s for you:

11 inches from bottom of projector to floor
30 inches from bottom of screen to floor
15 from wall to back of projector

We apologize for the late response to your inquiry. We are glad that you found a good set up for the VAVA projector for the SD of 125". You may also post your set-up for this projection size, other users may also benefit from it.