Image Height Issue

Just bought the projector, love the picture but am having an issue with the height of the image. I am trying to project onto a 120 inch screen, and the manual suggests the image should be 13.9" from the surface from which the projector is sitting. I can’t get the image to be anything below just under 17". I have tried all the settings, adjusted the feet, etc. but can’t get it to go any lower. Has anyone else ran into this and found a way to fix? I have made sure the surface the projector is sitting on is perfectly level and that the wall is 90 degrees. I know it doesn’t sound like much but the extra 3" is causing the image to be on the ceiling because our basement has an absurdly low ceiling.

Hi @jdk10530. Welcome to the VAVA Community! Below is the step by step guide in setting up 120" display size:

  1. 120" Display size, set the throw distance at 11.0" away (measured from the port side of the projector to screen), please use a measuring tool for this either a ruler or a steel tape measure for accurateness.
  2. Measure the vertical offset which should be 13.9" (measured from the bottom of projector to bottom of screen).
  3. For any distortion left use the keystone correction (YouTube link: VAVA 4K UST Projector Tutorial #3:How to make keystone corrections - YouTube).

If you are still having issues please send a short video with the measurements to for further assistance. Thank you.