Projector Placement For 110 Inch Screen

We have set up our new Vava 4K projector with a 110" screen (“SD” distance, as per the manual). Since there are no details for a 110" screen in the “Projection Distance & Image Dimensions” table on page 05/06 of the user manual, I interpolated between 100" and 120". The numbers I came up with (which then fall between the numbers for 100" and 120") are:

  • Device-Wall Distance (W1): 9 1/8" (23.0 cm)

  • Image-Desk Height Gap (H2): 13" (33.0 cm)

  • Desk Height (H3): 11 9/16" (29.3 cm)

This places the bottom of the image at 24 9/16" (62.3 cm) above the floor; ie H2+H3

For the desk height, we actually trimmed down a small coffee table to 11 9/16" height (H3). To install the screen, we first projected the image on the bare wall using the numbers above, then used tape to mark the image position on the wall, and then installed the screen accordingly.

With this, we get a very good image, nicely centered on the screen. Except - Except that we think that this places the image too high for the viewer’s line of sight. We find that we are needing to look slightly upward to watch. So I’m thinking that the Desk Height (H3) actually needs to be lower for best viewing; the H3’s in the table in the manual are a bit too high.

I’ve thought of temporarily just placing the projector on the floor (ie, H3 = 0) to see where the image falls on the wall, and then just eyeball what would be a good H3, somewhere between zero and the current placement of 11 9/16".

Any and all suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

Hi @Praetor Our apologies, we currently don’t have the specific measurements outside the recommended ones. However, we are hoping that other users may have done it could respond here or you can also head to one of our VAVA community to see what has worked for other customers that are aiming for 110" at VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official

Thanks, TeamVAVA for your reply. But my comment/reply was not only about projector placement for a 110" screen. Since I interpolated the values to fall between 100" and 120", I conclude that all the values for Desk Height (H3) shown in the manual are too high for comfortable viewing.

Has anyone tried placing a projector at a lower height than recommended in the manual (for any screen size? What was your experience? Thanks.

Hello @Praetor We are positive that there are some users that use this type of set-up and are satisfied with it. But it’s better if we could get them to drop their personal experience here for the benefit of everyone.