Camera Flashing red blue

My camera was working ok on my desk and I was charging it. It had a flashing red light indicating it was charging. I could view the video stream fine in the app. I moved it to it’s permanent location, attached a USB charging cable and checking the app it says that it can’t reach the camera. I checked the camera and it is now flashing red-blue-red-blue… I moved the camera back to my desk where it was working and the app still says it can’t reach the camera, and it is still flashing red-blue-red-blue…
Anyone know what red-blue-red-blue flashing means? The app says the camera device model is P020101

Found that it is something to do with the USB cable I was using to charge it.
Pressing the little “reset?” button next to the sync button caused the camera to restart and it worked fine again. When I connect it to the USB cable in it’s permanent position, it would start the flashing red/blue/red/blue/… again. When I used a different USB cable, it worked fine. Just a flashing red to indicate it is charging. When I used the permanent position USB cable to power another device, it worked fine. It seems that just the camera is not happy with the permanent position USB cable.
I switched the cable out to another one and it is fine.

The cable that was not working for me was this one: