BabyPhone: VOX mode/auto display on

Hi there,

I guess we will send back our babyphone - while it is actually a great product, we really miss two features:

  • VOX Mode: Ability to specify a sensitivity (noise level). If lower noises are recognized, they are ignored/the device stay muted. If louder noises are recognized, then you hear them.
  • Auto Display On: If the noise level exceeds the selected value, then the also the display switches on (as the two small LEDs does not help that much).

Currently, even on lowest level you will likely here each baby burp, if you try to sleep in the night. It would be a great improvement (which should only require changes within the handheld firmware, only).

If you are already planning such a feature and existing customers may be able to upgrade, please let us n

Hi @HerrB92. If you are referring to the VAVA Baby Monitor Model: VA-IH006 currently we do not have any news yet of this feature being added but this is definitely a good suggestion and will raise this to our engineers. If you would like to return the unit as long as it is within 30 days you just need to get in touch with your seller or send an email to with your receipt. Thank you!