Audio Lag to External Soundbar

Hi all

Recently got my Vava 4k and really enjoying it.
A few things come up after a bit of use, most annoying is the audio lag when I send the sound to external sound bar.
Vava 4k / 100inch alr screen
Xiaomo mi S 4k android tv
LG sound bar

Sound out of projector = no synch issues
Optical cable from vava to sound bar = bad sound synch. bad enough thats it impossible to watch.

Sound cable to sound bar from Android tv and hdmi to projector is fine no synch issues. But this cannot last as I can then not use the other HDMIs without manually switching the audio cable. Also what if I get a roku stick with no external sound out, will I be forced to use the vava speakers which while not bad are not going to win any awards.

Not sure if am missing something in the setup or a sound delay option in the settings.

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Setting output on projector to RAW and not PCM makes it better. Still could use a sound delay setting to iron out the last few 100 milliseconds of synch.

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I have the exact same issue. Same sound bar. Tried fiber out and hdmi arc out, neither is noticably better. I see different lags from different sources. Hdmi 1(roku) is not so bad. Hdmi 2(cable box) is not watchable with how delayed the audio is.

An audio sync feature that delays the video to match the audio lag is a nessessary update!

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I have the same problem. I am not sure if I have to keep this product or return it. Watching a Movie is horrible.
Any Advice?

Honestly if you are waiting for any answers from VAVA themselves you won’t get one.
Unfortunately it seems they do not watch these forums and after sales support is not really there.
I too am wondering if this was a good buy.

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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