HDMI ARC + RAW audio delay to soundbar

Having an issue since switching from optical to HDMI ARC, RAW audio. This is only sometimes fixed when I turn RAW off, to PCM, and then back to RAW . But when I switch streaming devices or programs it comes back.

Major lip sync/audio delay issue. SONOS Arc soundbar is plugged directly into the VAVA HDMI 3 ARC, input.

Did not have this issue when using optical audio through an HDMI switch but changed the setup to get higher quality audio streams.

I’ve read everything I can online but since the soundbar is plugged directly into the projector I don’t see how it could be a connection/bit rate/traveling delay. Using the SONOS approved and provided HDMI cable.

Please give suggestions @TeamVAVA !

Thank you.

Hi @Nc1983. The VAVA projector only has Dolby Digital for our sound source, you could use an external soundbar to get Dolby Atmos though it would require the use of a receiver to do the decoding on the sound. To properly use HDMI ARC with a Dolby Atmos soundbar like Sonos Arc you would need to use a receiver.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at support@vava.com.

@TeamVAVA would an audio extractor between the SONOS soundbar and the projector solve this like this? https://www.amazon.com/Tendak-Extractor-Converter-Soundbar-Amplifier/dp/B07CJ96MQV

@TeamVAVA or is there anything else smaller than a receiver, just to decode the audio that will work? I don’t need or want a receiver. Thanks!

Hi @Nc1983. We will forward this to the appropriate team so we can check if this can be used. Also, kindly email us at support@vava.com so our Technical support team can further assist you on this. Thank you!