Defective TV return RMA issue

I have had my TV for two months when it worked it was great but now I have an issue and I have spoken with VAVA TECH SUPPORT numerous times. They are agreeable to accepting my return but apparently there is an issue between VAVA and BUY DIG (which is where I purchased my projector) regarding an something called an RMA number. I have supplied VAVA with my receipt already. But VAVA won’t send replacement until they get a RMA number from BUY DIG. This should not be my problem but unfortunately I am stuck in the middle. The customer shoulld NEVER be put in that position. This is unfortunately what happens sometimes with very new company. Everyone makes mistakes, I would just to get mine resolved ASAP.

Hi @Tomslaton. We have coordinated with the Support Team that is handling your concern. We also made sure that this is marked as URGENT, please expect an update from them within the day.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us through Thank you!

Thanks for your prompt response, it is very much appreciated. I look forward to getting this resolved and replacing my defective TV with your help. Rashed in tech support has been great but he is just not getting the answers that he needs to help me.

Really appreciate your help, I will respond favorably on VAVA COMMUNITY when this is all resolved.

Stay safe,

Tom Slaton

Within 4 hours of my posting of RMA issue, it was quickly resolved with the help of this VAVA community, Kudos to you guys, Rashed, and Kai. You all are serious about making this community one to be reckoned with. Great TV, Great customer support. You are amazing. 10 STAR

@Tomslaton We are glad we got the issue addressed. We appreciate your support for the VAVA 4k UST Projector and appreciate your feedback.
Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, we’re ready to help.

Just as they were ready to ship my VAVA replacement TV back to me, they had a outbreak of COVID in their RMA/Shipping dept. so everything is back on hold until everyone gets healthy. So for now I am stuck with my only TV - 32 inches. No blame it’s certainly not their fault, but if I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all. Hope it is back by the Super Bowl, it is a great VAVA TV that I sorely miss.

Hi @Tomslaton It is indeed a setback that our shipping transaction is affected by what happened. Rest assured that we are working on how we can proceed with our tasks to keep up with the demand for the VAVA 4k projectors.

VAVA TV received today, just in time for the Super Bowl. Thanks to you, Kai. and Rashed.

Hi @Tomslaton We are glad that the VAVA 4k Projector arrived in time, and we hope you and your loved ones can fully enjoy it from the comforts of your home theatre.