Chroma Shipment

Does anyone know when is the shipment of Chroma? I hope it’s this month. I ordered one 9/13/2021, I ordered it couple minutes they started selling.

Hi, @Lmagy2k Thank you so much for notifying us about this inquiry. I wish I could give you more information as to when exactly it will be shipped. But based on the latest update total for the 1st & 2nd batches is 1700. Backers below Contribution ID 323 from US/CA are included in the first batch that will be shipped on November 2021 and will be delivered on December 2021 and for the 2nd batch, the estimated delivery date will be on December 2021. Any updates related to the ETA it will be announced through FB or IGG.

Thanks again for all the support! If you need further inquiry about VAVA Chroma, email

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