Vava 2k dash cam MicroSD card slot

Does anyone know how to fix a microsd card slot on the VAVA 2K dual dash cam? I puchased the device from the marketplace. Camera is new and functions perfectly. I inserted my microSD card and it clicked in place as expected. About 30min in to my drive the card popped out of the camera slot. The sd card now will not click in place. The spring tension is still good as the microsd card flys out of the slot each time it slips off my finger trying to get it to stay in place. Any suggestions on how to fix?

Hi @JB1 Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are happy to assist you. Hope this helps you. For model # VA-VD009 Mirco sd card type U3, 16GB-128GB (Recommend Samsung Evo Card).

Thank you for the response. I have tried your instructions. The SD card will not seat in place. You do not get the audible click when inserting the sd card. It is possble the sd card slot is broken but I do not know how to determine why the sd card is not locking in.

Hi @JB1 There are two possible reasons as to why there’s no clicking sound it’s possible that the SD card port is damaged or wrongly inserted the SD card.

I think the sd port is damaged. I know without a doubt the sd card was inserted correctly.

Hi @JB1, Kindly report it to including your order number & short video of the issue Thank you!