VA-VD009 issues

So here’s my problem; it’s both an SD card issue and maybe Wi-Fi related. I got this model from a seller on Facebook Marketplace, and it said it was brand new, never even set up, and I got it for a reasonable price. Okay, cool! The problem that I’m currently having is that the MicroSD card that I bought (SanDisk ImageMate PRO UHS-1 U3 V30 A2) always needs to be formatted. I’m not sure why it has to do this every time it’s turned on! I’ve tried different SD cards with either refusing to accept it, or doing " event recording" in which it hangs in that spot and nothing else.

The other issue is with the Wi-Fi feature. For the sake of this, I’ve done everything as explained on the app, but to me it seems like it’s actually not relaying the connection from the phone to the device. It gives the proper LED indicator lights of a slowly flashing blue light (working state) and a solid white light (mobile phone connected to Wi-Fi) but it doesn’t actually relay anything in terms of a video from the camera, or if done so on ones phone (Samsung Galaxy A52 5G).

The camera’s been reset many times, and I’ve uninstalled the app and re-installed it just to have the same issues. I’m out of ideas so please help me out if anyone has ideas or feedback!

Hi @hjorschumb, we sorry if you are having trouble with your dash cam. The SD Card Error issue is common if the SD card that you have is not compatible with the Dashcam or is already defective. Please make sure the SD card is not faltered cause sometimes this happened when the SD card has not been regularly formatted and/or the SD card has not been changed when it is worn out or unable to store data any longer, which can normally happen.

Please try the steps below:

  • Remove the SD Card and properly insert it again.
  • Reset the dashcam 3-5 times. > Reset to factory settings.
  • Try a different SD Card if you have one available.
  • Format the SD Card to exFAT or NTFS. Before doing this, make sure to back up all files if needed as they will automatically be deleted during the reformat process.

If the issue persists, try reflashing the firmware. Here are the steps to update the firmware.

Step 1: Power down the VAVA Dash Cam.
Step 2: Remove the SD Card from the dashcam. Plug the SD Card into a Laptop/Computer. An SD Card reader/SD Card adapter may be needed. The SD Card will come up as a storage device on your Laptop/Computer. Please back up any media files from the sd card you wish to keep.
Step 3: Format the SD card to either NTFS or exFAT. Download the firmware file attached to this email.
Step 4: Save the firmware file onto the SD Card. Remove the SD Card from your Laptop/Computer.
Step 5: Plug the SD Card back into the VAVA Dash Cam.
Step 6: Supply power to the dashcam. Both LEDs on the back of the cam will flash rapidly for about 1 minute. Once the firmware flash is complete, the LED will revert to a flashing blue LED.
Step 7: Any settings changed on the dashcam will be reverted to factory settings. Connect to the dashcam via wifi with a mobile device.
Step 8: Open the VAVA Dash App. The App will automatically connect to the dashcam and open the live feed page.
Step 9: Tap on the settings cogwheel icon at the top right of the page.
Step 10: Scroll to the bottom of the menu page and Format the SD Card to complete the firmware update.

Please see the attachment for more information. Another reference is v=0KzArrktwrs&t=80s

If the issue persists, please send us an email to to assist you further. Thank you!

The above information in regards to resolving this matter was unsuccessful. So instead, I’ve been in contact with customer service which they have informed me that the device itself in general, may have issues either with the card reader, or it is a software issue. So because of this, I’m waiting on further information since they forward all this to their engineering department to see if they can have a possible solution or, to ultimately send this in and see if it still falls under warranty to get it replaced out right.

@hjorschumb Thank you for the update. Please continue communicating with our support team to resolve this issue. Have a great day!