Recommended audio receiver/ surround sound systems

I am in the process of building my movie room. I have bought the projector and have a 120” ALR screen. The sounds coming from the sound bar is good though I’m ready to get a true surround sound installed. I am looking for receiver recommendations that pairs with the VAVA projector or a whole surround sound system recommendations. Thank you in advance.

Hi @Schwab. We do not have any specific brand to recommend but you can definitely check our Facebook group: VAVA 4K Projector Community | Official to see what works best for other customers. Just note that the HDMI 3 is ARC and not eARC.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at Thank you!

I am also interested in what stereo receiver people are using. I currently have an older Sony STR-DN1040 that doesn’t seem to play well with the vava projectors HDMI CEC… the receiver worked well with the old 2013 LG tv it replaced, as did the firestick; neither seem to work well with the vava projector, as far as controlling power, volume, input and audio quality. I would like to be able to use the firestick remote as the main / primary control and have the other devices work without additional input

Hi @travisn000. The VAVA 4k uses a Bluetooth signal for our remote to control the VAVA 4k. Our remote and projector have HDMI CEC capabilities which allows it to control the Amazon Fire TV products directly from our VAVA Remote. Our remote would not be able to connect directly with any IR code, as our remote nor projector uses an IR signal.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at Thank you!