Gaming Input Lag on Chroma

It seems that I’m still getting >100ms input lag when in gaming mode and with hdmi 2.0, CEC, and HDR turned off. Is there any other settings or update recommendations from the community who are using their unit for gaming? I’m running an Xbox series x through a pioneer VSX 834 4k receiver. All games are pretty much unplayable for me at this point.

Hi, @tmfelton Thank you for notifying us about this issue. The input lag is under 50ms in game mode. Have you tried using your Xbox SX directly to the chroma without the pioneer receiver? is there any difference? We also appreciate it if you also report this to our VAVA Chroma team at so they can further assist you.

My Game Mode is pretty dark, compared to the other “Modes”. Is that normal?

Hi @fbaez51 Could you share with us a sample photo of Standard vs GAME MODE?

Not the worst there but when playing, I barely see things. Please advise?

I am a new user, I have to post the pictures separately, sorry.

Hi, @fbaez51 We suggest you send a short video of the issue to our VAVA Chroma support at so they can further assist you.