Fix the input lag

With this projector being almost $3,000, most would expect the input lag to be better than it currently is. Are there any plans in the near future to release a software update to address the >100ms input lag coming from the projector? It is almost impossible to play online games where reaction and impulse is crucial to winning. When is the next firmware release for the 4k projector? It seems like this entire company is a money grab at times.

Hi, @Robroy154 We appreciate your honest feedback. We regret to hear that you’re having an issue with the input lag. We will take a look into this and forward this feedback to our Engineering team to further assist us. Thank you for your support!

Any additional tips or feedback? I’m experiencing the same issues with the Chroma

What about the Game Picture mode? Is it also that bad?

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I believe Game Mode helps, but its really dark. Anyone getting the same issue?

There is some demand on having more options to Save settings per image mode and that the GameMode can be used as a feature toggle in any mode. So if i like my picture and just want low input lag, just to turn that on. But maybe its not that easy. Better would be preset calibrations that are very accurate to the color room in context to the modes it uses.

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Mhh would you say this projector is a good one for games like Horizon or Hades on Ps4/Ps5?

Hi, @mugda Thank you for notifying us about this inquiry. Hope this helps you. The input lag for VA-LT002 is at 80ms. If it’s not that heavy games then it’s okay. These are the example videos VAVA 4K Projector with XY Screen PET Crystal on Game - YouTube

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