Can Vava please make replacement milk frother lid seals?

I recently emailed Vava re a seal around the lid of a milk frother that had marks on it I couldn’t clean out.

The support team was great in that they ended up sending me an entire new frother.

BUT I had repeat asked to be sent only a new seal.

I also repeat said I was happy to buy a new seal, but couldn’t find where / how to buy one.

Please can replacement seals be made, so that otherwise fully working Vava products don’t end u in landfill.


Hi @rhauri Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry, unfortunately, the lid is not yet available on the market for the VAVA milk frother, as most of the devices for this model are still covered with the warranty and most of them are still made as a set, and no spare accessories at the moment. We’ll have it available soon, but no estimated time on that yet.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email