My Dashcam Serial Number

I purchased the Vava VA-VD002 some time ago and just got around to installing it.
I noticed that the Serial Number sticker is not present and the Snapshot button is also missing.
How can I find out the SN and how can I get a Snapshot button?

Hi, @brumbot Thank you for reporting this to us. We will look into this immediately. The serial number should be located on the bottom part of the cam. The Bluetooth snapshot button has been integrated into the power cable. It’s no longer used as a separate accessory. You can try to do a snapshot on your app.

If you need further assistance, kindly email our

Thanks for the info on the Snapshot button. But as I indicated, the sticker with the serial number is missing. I want to register the device. How can I find the SN?

@brumbot To, register the device may way ask where you purchase it? We need the order number and copy of the invoiced if it was not purchased directly from our website.

Wow! You guys are prompt!
I purchased it on Amazon. I am attaching the invoice.

Hi, @brumbot Thank you for sharing your invoiced. Since this was purchased from Amazon Service LLC. As we are no longer selling on Amazon, if you need warranty claims in the future, please contact Amazon for further processing. Thank you for your understanding in advance.