YouTube is crashing

From last two days I can’t watch anything from SmartYoutube it’s keep crashing
If I use WiFi or LAN same problem
Also did factory reset on projector
Clear cache
Same problem
Please help
Thank you

Hi @maniek78 Applications on the Apptoid store are just not that good. It may be possible that the SmartYoutube app was removed/disabled or the app itself is already updated.

We recommend to use a streaming device like a Firestick or AppleTV. This is what we recommend to most customers. You can also download the APK file to the projector to use the updated version of your favorite apps. We hope this helps.

If you have further questions or concern, you may email us at

Thank you and have a great day!

I do understand that you can use streaming device but how I can fix or load YouTube directly on projector?
I did remove and install new smartYouTube from projector app but is doing same thing? This is updated version.
Can you provide good installation file which will work
Please advise

How and where to download APK file ?

@Guru Kindly contact the support of the application that you want to install. Thank you!

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