Xbox X 4K connection problem

When I connect my Xbox X to the projector, Xbox does not recognize it as a 4K device and only allows 1080 output. No problem with Apple TV 4K connection.

Any ideas how to correct this?
Thank you.

Hi @cemtp We appreciate your time in reporting this issue to us. Hope everything is well with you. Make sure HDMI 2.0 is ON and check if you have the latest firmware version 2.10. Thank you for your support! Keep safe.

Ever fix this issue. I am having the same issue. Apple TV 4K will do 4k but once i plug xbox in same hdmi with same cable i only get 1080

Hi, @Adam292003 Thank you for sharing this concern with us. To better assist you, we would like to verify if the HDMI 2.0 is ON on your 4K projector? Possibly the settings changed the moment you unplug the Apple TV. We suggest double-checking first the setting of your Xbox

This video might help you.

How to Setup 4K & HDR on your Xbox One S Console & Samsung TV

I had the same issue on ps5 but not on apple 4k. First thing is that you need a really good HDMI cable which is short and if longer than use a fibre glass cable. Also i had to enable hdmi 2.0 for ps5 to get it recognized as 4k. With the apple tv i didnt needed hdmi 2.0 enabled… but i had to change to 4k manually and set the 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 color depth also manually. With just 1080p i had on a beamer before it was much easier, as there was no special color depth or HDR settings to tune. But the new technologies need some more background knowledge to setup.

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Hi @Adam292003,
Turning HDMI 2.0 on the projector did the trick for me, should work for you, too.
For some reason, I did not need to change any settings for AppleTV.
Hope this helps

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