Where is the latest offline firmware update file for original Vava projector?

Can someone PLEASE send me a link to download the offline/USB 1.42 firmware for the original 4K projector? It’s not linked ANYWHERE on Vava’s garbage website.

@aperez Please email our support team at support@vava.com to further assist you. Thank you!

This non-answer is a perfect example of why Vava support is a joke. You should just be providing us with a URL, or privately messaging us.

I purchased a VA-LT002 and for the past few months i have a spot of light displayed on my screen. They will not honor my 2 year warranty and stopped selling on Amazon. I found they are selling this same product again on Amazon with it now being under vv aa P.O.S company should have changed name to caca

why 1.42? isnt the latest version 2.0+

the VA-LT002 has 12 month warranty not 24month…?

I have a warranty card that came with my projector that gives me a extra year warranty. Still have the card but for some reason they won’t honor it because i purchased through Amazon. Have all emails from vava stating that but no reason as to why