What's the first wifi password?

I bought a Home Cam, two years ago(original Kickstarter product,Vava HS-002).
I forgot to buy a camera, was just keeping it.
I thought of it recently because I needed CAM.

Through the App., I proceeded.
require on connection.
need a Wi-Fi password while proceeding.

what’s the first wifi password???

I think you should enter you computer wifi password so the cam can connect to your network.

Hi @desperado, Would you please use your home Wi-Fi password in settiing up your VAVA home cam so the camera can connect to the same home network your Base Station is currently connected.

If you are still having issues please email us at support@vava.com or you may call us by dialing
(888) 456-8468. Thank you!

not match my wi-fi password.
what’s matter??
plz help me.

Hi @desperado We regret to hear if you’re having issues pairing to your base station. Kindly follow the step-by-step guide in your manual. Please try to do a factory reset on both base and camera. You may visit this link: How to Setup VAVA Cam Pro - YouTube If the issue persists please email us at support@vava.com. Thank you!