What are you watching?

Just installed the VAVA 4K projector in our dedicated home theater and we love the image quality!

What was the first movie you watched that impressed you with your VAVA 4K projector?

My wife and I started watching PIXELS and were blown away with the rich color and detail.

Our old projector (Viewsonic 8100 PRO) was the best in its class at the time, but we wanted to upgrade to a 4K projector and the VAVA was the best bang for the buck.


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Hi @sacolton. We are happy to hear that. We did absolutely enjoy Bird Box on this projector, but why stop there, a lot of 4k movies would definitely be enjoyable.

If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us through support@vava.com. Thank you!

Just saw Honest Thief, which was a good one. Still waiting for that visually-stunning blockbuster film to really show off its potential. Maybe I’ll go find a 4K version of Gravity.

My wife and I watched AVATAR (Extended Version) and was BLOWN AWAY by the detail and rich colors!

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I think my first was Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

6 Underground was our first and it was absolutely amazing. The car chases I thought were visually stunning! So happy with this projector!!