Weird red/blue lines on left half screen

Anyone knows whats wrong with the projector? restart seem to fix the issue.
happens only sometimes when i start.
could it be projector going bad or issue with display setting on shield player.
FYI; im using latest firmware V2.10, and already replaced HDMI cable.

not able to add more pictures, so adding them here

Hi @sheda It is unfortunate to see that you are having issues with the projector. Would you be so kind as to try and apply a factory reset to the device and check if it is still on the firmware V2.10 and let’s see if this would still happen when booting up?

If the issue still persists, most possible that it’s a chip issue. Kindly reach out to our team at to help you further.

Hi support, thanks for response…
i tried updating firmware v 2.10, and it said no update available.
then i reset to factory settings.
After reset it showed same firmware Vr.2.10 so i did not checked again for new Firmware.
next time i started with out anything plugged in, i got same issue.

Hello @sheda We are sorry for the issue that you have with the device and we appreciate you applying the steps on your end. Kindly reach out to our team at and send your information to have this addressed.

thanks for response–will try support

Hello @sheda Thank you for the update, our team at will help you proceed with the next step to resolve this issue. Have a great day and stay well!