Was given a dead? VAVA, troubleshooting ideas wanted

a friend of mine gave me a VAVA that he said he was about to throw away, he claims it just stopped working a while back but claims he didnt do anything to cause it, but since its out of warranty its mine if i want to fix it or the landfill.

anyway i wont lie i have no idea where to start.
picture of what it looks like powered on

its super dim, thats what it looks like with the lights off (forgive the mess and crappy camera quality) and with the lights on you cannot even see anything projected on the wall.

i was hoping it would be a firmware problem, something that was just intimidating to the non-technical but alas he we are, the manual is no help its troubleshooting as it consists of unplugging it and/or powering it off which of course ive tried.

so im open to sugestions.


Hi @hiddenemailer I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with the VAVA projector. Would you be so kind try the following steps:

Try to do a factory reset.
Wipe the lens with the cleaning cloth.
Check what is the firmware version installed.
Try it on a different wall or surface to check if it will have the same issue for a dim display.

To further assist you, kindly reach out to support@vava.com and provide the order number. Thank you