Volume icon when using hdmi arc

Ok so I have my sony audio receiver connected to hdmi 3 (arc) on my vava 4k projector. I have audio settings set to hdmi arc and RAW currently. I’m having and issue where every 20 seconds or so the volume level icon pops up in the middle of the screen when I’m not actually changing the volume level. It’s quite annoying…

I tried connecting to hdmi 1 instead on the projector to see what happens and a new issue starts where it auto mutes constantly so I switched back to hdmi 3. I have also tried to turn of hdmi cec and switching to PCM. Nothing is working.

Any ideas or is this a bug??

Hi @derikp We regret to hear you are having issues with your VAVA 4k UST Projector. Would you be so kind as to try these troubleshooting steps? Try to do a factory reset. (Setting > General > Factory Setting) then check what is the firmware version installed.

Please let me know after you tried these steps.

Ok I did the factory reset and it is still doing the same thing. I’m on the latest version 2.10 firmware…

Hi @derikp Thank you for trying the recommended troubleshooting steps. Kindly reach out to our team at support@vava.com to further evaluate what is going on with the unit and how we can further troubleshoot it.

Ok I emailed support. Thanks

I haven’t tried the reset yet but when I connected my Apple TV 4K into my setup mine started doing this same thing.

My setup is VAVA4k(HDMI3/ARC)<>Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2SSE(HDMI2)<>AppleTV4K

Hi @Vava4kReplacedMyTV. Please be advised that the projector supports Dolby Digital and does not support Dolby Atmos. This is most of the time the reason why sound from HDMI ARC gets intermittent. In this set-up we highly recommend using optical connection for sound.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email support@vava.com.

Thanks for the info! Is there any plans to support Dolby Vision in the future or in another product?

Hi @Vava4kReplacedMyTV. You’re most welcome. As for Dolby Vision, we have not heard yet of any projectors that supports it, quite impossible right now but as technology advances who knows. We are also excited for that.

If you have any further questions or concerns please email support@vava.com.