Video keeps turning off and on

Hello, I can’t get any hdmi source to display correctly. I normally use it with my xbox one x. I tried all 3 hdmi inputs with different sources including laptop and galaxy phone. none will keep a steady video. It’s not really a fast flicker but more just keeps turning the video off and on. I cleaned off the side vents and did a factory reset and updated to firmware 2.20. It seems as though it works ok if i am just using the built in OS. But that is not how I want to use it. I have had my vava for 2 years now and really hope this isn’t the end. I emailed the customer support and attached a video of the problem but haven’t heard back yet. Figured i would try the forum as well.

Hi @Darjen, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re happy to assist you. This is a common issue specially if the HDMI cable you use is already faulty. Kindly try to use another HDMI cable and do a factory reset.