Vava VA-IH009 shocked me

Wondering if anyone can tell me if this model should have a sporadically flickering blue light on the back, inside where the speaker holes are? Mine had this and then it shocked me while plugged in and now the light is gone and it won’t hold a charge, only works when plugged in. I’m wondering if it had a wiring issue that was causing arcing inside or something and it finally shocked me and fried itself?

Hi, @SomeonesMom Thank you for notifying us about the issue. Hope you enjoyed your holidays. To better assist you, are you referring to the monitor or the camera?

Hi Team VAVA,

The parent unit shocked me and then the screen went black, now it can’t hold a charge and only works when plugged in. It shocked my husband the following day as well. I have emailed customer service about it as well.

Hi @SomeonesMom We’re truly sorry to hear that. That is something we don’t want you all to experience. Please continue emailing our to further assist you. We wish you the best this year 2022!