Vava touch ssd not working in iPad pro

I have recently received a vava touch and it works perfectly on a PC and Mac Pro, but it does not work when connected to a iPad Pro, or a projector running Android 9.0 - any suggestions as to why the drive is not discoverable on these devices?

Furthermore. After receiving the red light of death from both my iPad Pro and Android device. I have plugged it back into my MacBook Pro which I had previously used to transfer files, and now I get the red light from this device, and at no time does finder even recognise the drive.

I really need help to understand how I can access the files.

Thank you

Hi @Bsnimages. Please try to reformat the SSD and check if it would work. If the issue persist please email us at so our technical support team can help you further. Thank you!

Thanks, but I cannot for the the drive, as it is not recognised by any operating system, so in utilities I cannot even find it to do a reformat (plus, I don’t want to lose the files that are saved on it!)

Hi @Bsnimages. If that’s the case please send an email to with a short video of the issue and your order number. Thank you!