Vava shutting down

I have had the vava evolve now for two months. We are now having random shut down issues. Its been factory reset and has the 2.10 update installed. I have read on other vava forums that this seems to be a common problem but have not heard of any fixes or updates from vava to solve issue. If it is a over heating problem it never shows it on the screen it just shuts down. I have waited for a little bit and then restart it. Then in about 10 or 15 min it shuts down again. Within a 30 min period it did it three times. Whats the answer?

Hi @rk54. We regret to hear that the projector randomly shuts down. In order to help you further please send an email to with the screenshot of your order invoice that captures the order number and seller name, shipping address and contact number. Thank you.