VAVA Original Projector Firmware Updates

Will there be any more firmware upgrades to the original VAVA projector?


It appears that they have abandoned further software enhancements to this unit. VAVA really needs to open source the code to this projector, doing so will actually benefit them, because a lot more customers would be interested in buying it knowing that the software is being enhanced and bugs are being resolved. As it stands, who would want to purchase this projector, knowing that there are bugs which have not been resolved in over a year, and it appears they never will be. It’s sad, because the hardware on this projector is great, an open source community could really make this projector be the leading UST device.


I would like to add, from my experience in dealing with VAVA and seeing how they have abandoned development on the original projector, and left bugs unresolved, if I were in the market for a projector, I would get the EPSON LS300 3LCD.

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