Vava Homecam Update?

Is there any update on the Vava Homecam?

It seems like you have abandoned the product after taking around £1.4 million on kickstarted and indiegogo. It no longer appears on your website either.

The battery life lasts nowhere near the 1 year that was promised, there are all sorts of delays and bugs with recordings and I haven’t had a camera firmware update since the product was delivered months ago.

I have tried emailing and commenting but get no response, looking at other backers it appears I’m not the only one having these problems and being ignored.

You are right it does seem that after taking our money the product has been abandoned. No updates.

The battery life is diabolical. A year they said, but I’m very lucky if I get 3 weeks!

And what happened to the Alexa integration that was promised?

Certainly makes me very reluctant to put money into the other VAVA products here, eg the projector, good as it sounds