Vava home camera compatibility between kickstarter and current devices

Does anybody know if the original Vava Home cameras and hub from their kickstarter campaign will be compatible with the current cam/hub currently sold?

  • Will any additional cameras purchased today be able to be discovered and added to the original kickstarter hub?
  • Or vice versa, will the original kickstarter camera be able to be added to a new hub?

Back then I only backed a one camera + hub kit, and lately i’ve been wanting to expand on the camera system, but not sure if i would need to revamp the entire ecosystem or if i can integrate the old and new devices together.

Hello, @crispysea Thank you for notifying us about this inquiry. Hope you’re doing well. Our home cams are only compatible per model, so the Kickstarter units (HS002) will not work with the current cams (HS003) or vice versa. Thank you for supporting VAVA.