Vava Home Cam HS002 Incorrect Time and Date Stamp

My home cam (original Kickstarter product from Vava) has the wrong time and date stamp (2 years in the future) and I cannot change it.

I have tried factory resetting (which means taking it off the roof to pair back to the base station etc). The date and time stamp were correct for a while - but has since jumped into the future again.


Hi @dale1965 We’re sorry about the issue that you have with your Homecam. Looks like we need to have our engineers check your unit. We recommend reaching our team at to have it addressed or updated. Please send a photo of the QR code on the base and keep your unit connected to the interenet.

Thank you for getting back to me. Do you mean the QR code on the base of the base station or the camera?

Hello @dale1965 our team would be asking for the QR code on the base station. If you have any other questions or concern, please reach out to