VAVA dual dash cam

I have a VAVA front and rear dash cam. A few days ago it started beeping a noise I’ve never heard. After that noise stopped, the camera constantly cycles in trying to power on. I’ve tried new power sources and no luck. Any help is appreciated.

Hello @Joshchov We regret to hear that you’re having issues with the dashcam. Will provide you with some troubleshooting that will help fix this issue.

Troubleshooting dashcam:

  1. Try to use different charging cables or car chargers.
    2 . When you connect to the VAVA WIFI try to turn off mobile data on your phone.
  2. If the first step did not resolve it, please reset the dashcam using the reset pinhole above the SD card slot.
  3. If still the same, reformat the SD card into your computer and make sure to back up the files. The format is either NTFS or exFAT.
  4. Make sure to check for updates on the dashcam and check if you are now able to connect to the WIFI and access the app
  5. Uninstall and Reinstall the VAVA app.

If the issue persists kindly email us back at Thank you!