Vava Dual Dash Cam recording issue

I have an issue with my dash cams.

When I want something that just happened to be recorded on the cameras, I have to predict that something will happen, and pre-emptively hit the record button, as hitting that button does not save the last however many seconds of footage.

Instead, it starts recording and saving footage for 20-30 seconds after I hit the button, rendering it useless in situations where my dashcam footage as a witness could determine the outcome of the situation.

Is this something I can change in the settings, and if so, how?

Is this an issue anyone else has encountered?

Do I need to get a replacement set?

Or is this something I shouldn’t bother with, and look for a new dash cam company all together?

Hello @DipZtiK, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. Let us get this sorted out. May we know the model of your dashcam and when the issue started?

Model number is VA-VD002

The issue has been apparent since I first got the cameras. I have never been able to fix or change this.

Dash cams are supposed to be constantly recording, and the “record” button is meant to save the latest amount of time recorded, up to the point the button is pressed, and for some time after as well.

Instead, my set don’t constantly record. They start recording and only save the footage for 20-30 seconds /after/ I hit the button.

Hello @DipZtiK, Kindly send us a short video of the issue via email at, and please provide a brief summary of what’s going on.