VAVA Dual 1920x1080P wont turn off


I’ve come to find that my Duel Dash Cam will not turn off after the engine is off. My 2015 jeep grand Cherokee has been in the driveway for the past 4 hours, its off and I can still connect to the camera’s wifi and view the camera feed. It is plugged into the center console’s 12v “cigarette plug” inside the center console. Very odd. I checked last night and in the loop section, it had never shot off at all and stayed on the whole night recording 3 min loops. This cant is normal, is it?

Hi @jeeper We are sorry if you’re having trouble with the dashcam. However, what you are experiencing is weird since the dashcam should shut off if the vehicle cuts off the power to it. Would you be so kind as to check if it still stays on even removing the power?

If the issue persists, we recommend reaching out to our team at to have this issue addressed.