Vava Dashcam Beeping

I got into my car yesterday and heard this faint, repeated beeping or chirping noise. I realized it was coming from my Vava Dashcam. I disconnected it from the power source and it stopped. I left it unplugged all day and tried hooking it back up and it immediately started the repeated chirping noise. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

When its plugged in is the indicator light red? When its plugged in and you try to access it through the app does it give any errors? Does it feel excessively hot when you touch it? Also, if it does feel to hot, check if the cam has any swelling.

My cam recently started showing a red indicator light, kept telling me no SD was instered through the app, and was EXTREMELY hot to the point the top of it started to warp. Working on warranty replacement now.

So it looks like it gives an error message regarding the memory card. So maybe that is the issue?