Vava Chroma: Update Failure Message

When I first turned it on, it updated and this is my version now:

LV068 V1.3.1 20211022.211512

Then after the restart, I went to the setting and just to test if there’s another update, it gave me the failure message.

I factory default it and still the issue remains.

What is the latest version of Chroma?

Hello, @Lmagy2k Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Kindly make sure that you are connected to the internet so you can proceed with the firmware update. Have a great day!

I’m connected to the internet.

What is the latest version?

Hi @Lmagy2k The latest version is 1.3.1

Ok, so I have the latest one …maybe the failure message means no update available?

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Hi, @Lmagy2k Yes. Most likely that’s what it means. Since you have the latest version.

Mine says the same thing. Unclear if it thinks I have no internet connection,or if there is simply no update available. Wording needs to be clarified.

Hi @AllBacon We appreciate your honest feedback. Don’t worry this issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and we are looking forward to a new firmware update. Thank you for the support!