Vava Chroma: Remote cross talks with Winix C535 Air Purifier

When the power button is pushed to turn on the Vava Chroma it changes the fan speed setting on the Winix C535 air purifier from minimum to maximum.

I have a “Chromecast with Google TV” plugged into the Chroma. If I use the power button on the Chromecast remote, the Chroma will turn on.

Please fix this. Thanks.

HI, @MattCA Thank you! We appreciate your honest feedback. We regret to hear that you’re having an issue with the remote control cross talks with your AP. We would like to know if your AP has a CEC functionality? If, so that might be the reason why it is cross-talking to the VAVA RC. Have you tried placing the AP away from the VAVA Chroma or putting it in a different room? Let us know if the issue persists Thank you for your support!