VAVA Chroma: MEMC Smoothness Lost


I play mainly flight simulators with Trackir (lots of panning in sim), as well as regular motion of objects on the screen (propeller blades etc.) I am connected via PC HDMI (2.0 enabled) port with vsync enabled, and I am running firmware 1.7.4

Initially with MEMC set as resolution or smooth, I would get smooth motion / movement on the screen via panning or looking at propellers spinning (fast motion) on the screen.

I suddenly lost the smooth effects, and now the image will ghosts with motion / or flicker with motion, or even heavy stutters in game image mode.

Going back the original settings does not resolve the issue. I do not know what changed, but I no longer get the smooth motion effect. This new / odd behavior is consistent across several PC titles that were initially smooth, very smooth with motion on the screen.

I have tried unplugging the unit for 5 minutes and resetting 3x, but I can no longer get back to the smooth gameplay I originally experienced when first setting up the projector.

Hey EDJ_User!
I don’t work for VAVA, but have you tried the “Close” setting on the MEMC?
I know that ghosting is usually fixed (or at least greatly lessened) when it’s on “Close” and image is on “Game”.
Hope this helps!


Hi, thanks for your reply.

For me, Game image is the worst as it introduces heavy stutters regardless of the MEMC. In fact, at this point, I don’t see a difference between any of the MEMC settings.

Hi @EDJ_User, Thank you for notifying us about this issue. To further assist you with these technical issues,if this was purchased directly from our website please send a short detailed video of the issue at but if this is purchased from Indiegogo kindly email our VAVA chroma IndieGoGo team at