VAVA chroma: MEMC issues

After the last firmware update (Software version: LV068_V1.4.2_20211127.162854) no matter what MEMC setting I use (Close (this one should be the no-soap-opera-mode-right?), Resolution, Standard, Smooth (what do those even mean??)), 4K movies and videos look like soap opera. It’s so hard to watch anything now.

Anyone experiencing something similar?

I did a factory reset and it didn’t help.

If it helps, I’m using a NVIDIA Shield with factory image/display settings (4K 60Hz). I tried watching content via apps on a PS5 and found the same issues.


Hi, @dfcastap Thank you! We appreciate your honest feedback. We regret to hear that you’re having issues with MEMC. The video source needs to be 4K in order to get 4K on the projector after turning HDMI 2.0
Please try the following troubleshooting steps.

  1. Can you try to do a power cycle in the unit? Unplug the unit from a power outlet for about 5 mins, then re-plug and test it.
  2. Factory reset 3x
  3. Check what is the firmware version installed v1.4.2

If the issue persists, kindly email

Just got my unit today. I’m having the same issue. Same firmware. I was first using a Chromecast ultra and thought it was the streaming device I was using so I then tried a roku ultra which looked a little better for some reason. Try switching it to “game” mode and close on the MEMC. It looked better (probably turned off the processing) but still not 100%, maybe 90%. Watchable but it still looks like some motion smoothing is on.

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Hi there! I got my unit yesterday, and it’s been a small nightmare. I’ll try to go thru all the problems in their corresponding community topics so that it’s as easy as possible for you guys to try and fix them for all of us users (having all the info in one place).

So, I have the same soap opera effect problem. I found out that resetting everything as instructed above worked first, but the issue came right back. I tried to pinpoint what causes it, and it seems that turning the HDMI 2.0 setting ON causes the effect. Swithcing back to OFF doesn’t (at least always) help, as the device is stuck with the soap opera effect. Needless to say, the MEMC setting is turned to Closed at all times. I could reset and stay on HDMI 2.0 set OFF, but then I lose 4K and HDR capabilities.

Firmware is 1.5.3.

Using Nvidia Shield as the player and a Denon AVR-X2300W as the receiver.

This is one of about ten issues I found in just a couple of hours usage, so I’m really disappointed. I will however try and test each issue thoroughly to get you guys as much information as possible to fix them. I’ll also try to find out if someone has started a topic for each issue already, not to flood the community. It’s going to take some time to do this all, but I hope eventually we can make the device good.

Hi, @tigerleap Thank you for notifying us about this issue. We will look into it immediately. For the soup opera effect, this is a common issue that we received & rest assured that this issue has been engaged to our development team and we are looking forward to future upgrades.

hey im having thios issue and use this projector in a client environment focused on picture projects… so motion smoothing is completely unacceptable. Where are you with this fix? We all spent a lot of money on this product and it shouldn’t look like watching things at our grandpa’s house. DO BETTER

Hi @pkingduk We regret to hear that your experience with the same issue. As per our development team, the next firmware update will be released within this month.

as per your crappy projector… it’s still broken after the latest firmware update. Like honestly w/e other issues you have your team working on should jump into this issue right away and fix it. This might not seem like a bid deal to you but this is embarrasing for anyone trying to use your projector in a professional environment. All of my clients projects look like a 1980s soap opera.

Hi @pkingduk We’re truly sorry for the experience. We have a new firmware version for VAVA Chroma V1.6.1 kindly update your projector.

  1. Added left and right image flip and 3D sync revert function in 3D mode
  2. Modified default image setting of the TV and Sports Mode
  3. Background is no longer dimmed when the setting menu is displayed
  4. Fixed the issue that the firmware cannot be upgraded when the language is set to French
  5. Fixed the image reddish issue and calibrated the HDR redness level

did that before my last post… reset it like 10 times… tried a different HDMI cable… un plgged it for a whole day… tried a friends projector (which worked fine)… MEMC still on no matter what I do. Also it bears mentioning that in your above message about your cool new firmware update MEMC is mentioned ZERO times

Hi @pkingduk We sincerely apologize for this issue, kindly reach our VAVA Chroma email support at and send a short video of the issue so, they can further assist you. Thank you!

I emailed you and no response. Please provide your tech support or company phone number

Hi @pkingduk, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As per checking someone already responded to you via email at please continue to communicate with the VAVA Chroma support through email so they can further assist you. Thank you for your time!

still happening… called and they are waiting for the engineers in china to respond about a firmware update. Honestly can you just give us the option to lock out the MEMC? I had this thing set and working and then it just started motion smoothing on it’s own in the middle of using it. Now i can’t shut it off… reset x3… x4… x5… it just pops back on after a few seconds. All the solutions are to wait for a firmware update, but there haven’t been many, and none of them seem to address the issues your users are having with this, color, dark motion blur… how long are we meant to wait for this stuff? PLEASE HELP

Hello @pkingduk As per the latest update the software update is in the final stages of QA testing. The development team is aware of the disappointment regarding the repeated delays and is working hard to have it ready ASAP. The issues related to color balance and ghosting have been more complex than initially expected, and the extra time taken to polish the fixes will ensure a better experience once released.

Thank you for your patience; we’re very excited to see the continued refinement of Chroma.